Owensboro, Ky


Kentucky has a hidden metropolis along its northern border and the Ohio River.  With the mystique of a small river town and the history of a cavalier frontier crossroad Owensboro, Kentucky has different claims to fame, bourbon being one of them “I suppose not so unusual for Kentucky”. It also proclaims to be the “BBQ Capital of the World” with a festival to prove it, the birth place of the legendary movie actor and super star Jonny Depp, and a river port that is the home of the London Exchange for the Aluminum Industry.  On any nice day you can find many of the warm and friendly locals and visitors enjoying a majestic stroll down the riverfront walkway or hanging out at Smothers Park.  The town will instantly give you a hometown feeling as they welcome you with open arms.




With the annual cost continuing to grow on their tower lighting system, Owensboro Municipal Utilities started to look for an alternative. They contacted Jason Jennett, LED lighting systems engineer at Fuellgraf Chimney & Tower, for help. They explained to him that their old antiquated Xenon strobe lights were becoming more of a problem with raw repair cost reaching up to $7000 annually and some of the parts were becoming obsolete. After talking with him about some of the options Fuellgraf Chimney & Tower, Inc. could offer, he suggested that they have a closer look into the BKON/Dialight LED lighting solutions to replace the lighting systems on all six towers. This system has many benefits including a 5-year warranty. Fuellgraf Chimney & Tower immediately met with Owensboro Municipal Utilities to demonstrate the product first hand.


Fuellgraf Chimney & Tower installed a complete new catenary lighting system for six high tension high voltage cable crossings. They used high performance FAA-type L-866 BKON/Dialight D1RW-L13-008. This major upgrade will reduce the annual cost of maintenance and repair by replacing the old equipment. Owensboro Municipal Utility will increase its electrical efficiency by 78%. In addition to the new raw efficiency they will also be reducing cost in liability and administration.



The best part about the new LED systems is that they are much safer for humans as well. The L-866 LED beacons operate at 1/10th the voltage unlike traditional Xenon flashtubes. This greatly reduces the risk of electrical shock for installers and maintenance crews. The new LED systems position the control and power supply boxes at the base of the tower allowing servicing of the units much safer and easier. This system also deployed the new SSS, Satellite Synchronization System, by BKON that allows communication so that all the towers flash in the same sequence.